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Nicola Vaccai
Practical Method of Italian Singing
for Mezzo-soprano and guitar
Nicola Vaccai
Practical Method of Italian Singing
for Mezzo-soprano and guitar
Level 3-4
PAR182-PDF — 19 pages
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This new adaptation set for Mezzo-soprano or Baritone voice, with guitar accompaniment, consists of the first eight lessons of the Bel Canto method that Nicola Vaccai published for the first time in London in 1833 entitled: "Il Metodo pratico di canto italiano per camera" / “Practical method of Italian singing for the room*" (*as opposed to being for stage performances).

In this transcription, we have tried to make the guitar part easy and natural to play, while respecting as much as possible the original accompaniments of the author. This edition also includes the author's complete preface, in French and English.

Foreword by Alex St-John
Nicola Vaccai's work (1832) stands out among other vocal methods, as it facilitates any keen learner to attain desirable objectives for the voice with ease and efficiency. Few other vocal methods exceed in popularity, not just for its being a selection of beautiful poems by "Metastasio", but for its being thoughtfully arranged.

This transposition for the guitar highlights a more delicate 'softer' balance of sound (between open string resonances and fretted notes), making it a special treat for the ears and a change from accustomed, 'louder', piano accompaniment. The quieter guitar invites singers to listen even more attentitavely to the accompanist, blending rather than 'soloing'. Virtually all starting out with voice studies should begin their studies with the Vaccai lessons, not just for a window into Italian but also out of the beauty of these short-and-sweet pieces. And what better instrument to accompany you on your journey than the beautiful Spanish guitar. This work makes vocal studies a delight as well as a pleasurable study for guitar accompanists.


Lessons I to VIII
  1. Manca sollecita
  2. Semplicetta tortorella
  3. Lascia il lido
  4. Avezzo a vivere
  5. Bella prova
  6. Fra l’ombre
  7. Quell’onda
  8. Delira dubbioso
  9. Nel contrasto
  10. Come il candore
  11. Senzo l’amabile
  12. Benchè di senso privo