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A. Schweizer
Piano music
No 1-10. Dagmar Clottu et Michiko Tsuda, piano

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Alfred Schweizer was greatly influenced during his musical education by the spirit of the sixties' avant-garde. But he felt very soon the need ta compose an harmonius music again. For him this didn't mean at ail ta give up ail discords and tensions in his sounds. His intention mainly was to create atonal music which developes apart trom the movements and cadenza formulas of the traditional tonal music. The Piano Musics no 1 to 10 are an excellent example of his development towards a new tonality.


  1. Piano Music 2 (1990)
  2. Piano Music 3 (1995)
  3. Piano Music 4 (2000) Algorythmische Veränderungen über B-A-C-H
  4. Piano Music 5 (2001)
  5. Piano Music 6 (2002)
  6. Piano Music 7 (2002)
  7. Piano Music 8 (2004) "Die Glocken von Ligerz" (2004) :
  8. Often by Westwind I hear a far song : the Bells of Ligerz. Their sound remembers me time and eternity
  9. Piano Music 9 (2004)
  10. Piano Music 10 (2006)