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17 pieces for 2 guitars
Level 3. Age 12-13 onwards.
PAR136 — 40 pages
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Gilbert Ross signs 17 beautiful guitar duos in this book, most of them being original compositions. The concertante writing and arrangement gives each guitar a very interesting and varied line. Poetic atmospheres alternate with unusual rhythms and everything has been realized with great refinement thus resembling an invitation to explore the different sounds specific to guitar. There also are some arrangements of famous melodies such as Mi Favorita, The Peruvian Waltz or Vivaldi’s Winter Largo. This book is intended for all and approachable onwards from intermediate level.

Recordings of musical pieces of the book can be listened to on our page FREE LISTEN.


  1. While dancing
  2. Peruvian waltz
  3. Pasa... calle
  4. Brian Boru's march
  5. The one from Cuzco
  6. While strolling
  7. Balkan
  8. Confidences
  9. At a gallop
  10. Scottish Dance
  11. Mi favorita
  12. Largo from “Winter” (A. Vivaldi)
  13. Oh! Beautiful friend
  14. Along the canal
  15. Solitude
  16. Fóros - Tribute to Míkis Theodorákis
  17. Irish Ballad


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