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Ferdinand Fürchtegott Huber
6 German Songs
for high voice and guitar
Level 3-4
PAR186-PDF — 12 pages
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Ferdinand Fürchtegott Huber (1791-1863), the St-Gallen-born composer, is still known today mainly for his folk song "Luegid vo Berg und Thal". As a "national" alpine melody it inspired contemporaries such as Franz Liszt, Felix Mendelssohn, J.J. Raff, and others, to compose arrangements of it. This publication reveals that Huber was evidently not just the creator of Swiss alpine 'tunes' but also of the concise artistic Biedermeier form, which includes six German songs with accompaniment on the fortepiano or guitar. These songs, published by Joseph Aibl (1802-1834) in Munich and Berne, were most probably written circa 1820.

Source: Kantonsbibliothek Vadiana, St.Gallen
Revision: Helmuth Hefti

Music samples: Sharon Gross-Osterwalder, soprano und Helmuth Hefti, Gitarre


  1. Hirtenliebe
  2. Gut Nacht an’s ferne Liebchen
  3. Die Stille
  4. Trost
  5. Der liebe Sehnen
  6. Das Wörtchen Du